Membership Information

Please use the membership form from this page by clicking the links. Membership runs from April to the end of March each year and members will be sent a reminder in March to rejoin. Please ensure we have your email address when you join and that you let us know of any changes as all communication will be via email. 

 Please send any membership queries to with subject ‘Membership’.

From September there is a reduction in joining fees so please contact us if you are thinking of joining after this time for the current fees.

The club shares its site and entrance gate with Gosforth Bowling Club.

Keys: All adult members can, on payment of a deposit, have keys to the main entrance & courts and also the clubhouse. It is the member’s responsibility to ensure the site, all 5 courts and clubhouse are locked when that member is the last to leave. 

Club Play: Details of playing sessions at the Club are in the Programme page.

Junior Members: (under 11) Juniors are not allowed to be on the site without supervision. The club expects all parents to act responsibly in this matter.

Photos: Images and photos, together with the names of players (senior and junior members) may be added to the website and or notice board in the club house from time to time. The photos may be of the member attending one of the social events, playing in the tournaments or simply participating in coaching. Photos of junior members will not be used if the club has not received the authority to do so via the Parent/Guardian Declaration form. (See downloads).

Colt Status: The committee awards improved juniors this status which enables them to join in adult social play.

Shoe Tags: These are for the security of everyone and issued annually upon payment of the membership fee and must be worn at all times.

Recognised Tennis Wear: It is required i.e. not rugby/ football shirts, not Bermuda shorts, not black-soled trainers and no denim wear

Bikes, as a courtesy to others, should be walked to the designated parking area to the rear of the clubhouse

Tennis Balls: Balls are provided for all members, balls for the juniors can be found in the basket by the clubhouse door and balls for seniors are located in the locker in the clubhouse

The Clubhouse: Members are respectfully asked to keep the clubhouse tidy.

This is a no smoking club.