Teams and Fixtures

A list of fixtures can be found below. If you have any queries please contact the team captains.

Winter League Matches (all matches on Sunday morning)

Rothbury (A) 12th Nov
Morpeth (H) 26th Nov
Gosforth GV (A) 10th Dec
Northumberland (H) 7th Jan
Alnwick (A) 21st Jan
Jesmond (H) 5th Feb

Men’s Team Fixtures 2017

Men’s captain in 2017 is Jack Grummitt-Carel.

1st Team
Shotley & Benfieldside (A) Thurs 4th May
Virgin Active Wearside (A) Tues 16th May
Durham Archery (H) Tues May 23rd
Northumberland (H)  – now Tues 25 July
Ponteland (H) Tues July 4th
Blaydon (A) Wed 12th July

2nd Team
Stocksfield (H) Tues 2nd May
Shotley & Benfieldside (H) Tues 9th May
Morpeth (A) Tues 16th May
Gosforth Garden Village (H) – now Mon 10 July
Virgin Active Wearside (A) Wed 14th June
Boldon (A) Friday 23rd June

3rd Team
Burnmoor (H) Tues 30th May
Tynedale (A) Wed 7th June
Northumberland (A) Tues 13th June
Durham Archery (A) Wed June 21st
Cullercoats (H) Tues 27th June
Beverly Park (H) Tues 18th July

4th Team
Blaydon (H) Wed 31st May
Shotley & Benfieldside (A) Thurs 8th June
Wylam (H) Tues 20th June
Cullercoats (A) Tues 27th June
David Lloyd (A) Monday 3rd July
Boldon (H) Tues July 11th


Gosforth Ladies 2017

Ladies captain for 2017 is Sue Trousdale.

6.15 start, 3 courts

Ladies 1st A division
Boldon (A) Thurs 25th May
Virgin Active (H) Mon 5th June
Cullercoats (A) Tues 13th June
Northumberland (H) Thurs 15th June
Durham Archery (A) Thurs 22nd June
Jesmond (H) Mon 26th June

Ladies 2nd D division
Northumberland (A) Thurs 18th May
Ponteland (A) Thurs 1st June
David Lloyd (A) Thurs 15th June – 6.30pm start
Blaydon (H) Thurs 29th June
Virgin Active (H) Mon 3rd July
Stocksfield (H) Thurs 13th July

Ladies 3rd LE1 division
Jesmond (A) Mon 15th May
Durham Archery (H) Thurs 1st June
David Lloyd (H) Thurs 8th June
Virgin Active (H) Mon 12th June
Ponteland (A) Thurs 6th July
Shotley (A) Tues 11th July


Gosforth Vets 2017

6.30pm start (unless otherwise stated)

Mens (C division)
Shotley (A) Sun 14th May, 10.30am
Boldon (A) Wed 5th July
Morpeth (A) Thurs 13th July
Blaydon (H) Tues 5th Sept
Durham Archery (H) Tues 12th Sept
Durham Moor (H) Sun 24th Sept, 10.30am

Ladies 1st (A Division)
Beverley Park (H) Mon 8th May
Northumberland (H) Thurs 18th May
Boldon (A) Thurs 8th June
Jesmond (A) Tues 12th Sept
Durham Archery (A) Thurs 14th Sept
Cullercoats (H) now Wed 4th Oct

Ladies 2nd (C Division)
Blaydon (H) Thurs 20th July
Stocksfield (H) Thurs 3rd Aug
Jesmond (A) Mon 7th  Aug
Northumberland (H) Thurs 24th August
Durham Moor (A) Sun 3rd Sept
Tynedale (A) Thurs 7th Sept

Mixed 1st (A Division)
Boldon (H) Sun 14th May, 4.00pm
Durham Archery (H) Sun 3rd Sept, 4.00pm
Blaydon (A) Thurs 7th Sept
Northumberland (H) Sun 10th Sept, 4.00pm
Cullercoats (A) Thurs 21st Sept
Shotley (A) Thurs 28th Sept

Mixed 2nd (E Division)
Shotley (A) Sun 23rd April, 10.30am
Boldon (H) Mon 21st August, 6.30pm
Gosforth garden Village (H) Sun 21st May, 4.00pm
Ponteland (A) Sun 11th June, 2.00pm
Durham Moor (H) Sun 2nd July, 4.00pm
Rothbury (A) Sun 16th July, 2.00pm
Burnmoor (H) Mon 14th Aug, 6.15pm

Mixed over55
Jesmond (A) Sat 21st July
Stocksfield (H) – now Mon 25th Sept, 6.30pm
Blaydon (A) Wed 19th July
Shotley (H) Sun 24th Sept, 4.00pm

Ladies over55
Jesmond (H) Fri 12th May, 1.30pm
Durham Archery (A) Fri 11th Aug, 1.00pm
Stocksfield (H) Fri 1st Sept, 1.30pm
David Lloyd (H) Thurs 14th Sept, 1.30pm
Blaydon (A) Thurs 21st Sept, 1.30pm


Junior Team League 2017.

If you wish to play or need any further information, please contact Andrew Reed on 07828927404 or email

Aegon Boys 12s
David Lloyd (H) Sat 6th May, 4pm
Bohemians (A) Sun 21st May, 1pm
SN Churchills (H) Sun 4th June, 4pm

Aegon Boys 16s
Durham Moor (A) Sat 22nd April
Collingwood (H) Sat 13th May, 4pm
Collingwood (A) Sat 3rd June, 4pm
Durham Moor (H) Sun 18th June, 4pm


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